Thursday, September 18, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Yeah, it's frickin' still September, but if you gauge your holidays on the visit to the local mall, Christmas is like in two weeks.

While picking up some crafting supplies at Beverly's, a store I would say is like a slightly disorganized half sister to Michael's.

She's cute when she needs to be and has great sale prices (hello 90% off holiday merchandise). But the store has a common approach to merchandising that would drive Martha crazy - the center aisle is devoted to what I like to call Country Clutter. But I digress.

Beverly (or rather the employees of Beverly's) were already stocking Christmas decorations. Of course as a crafty mofo I have no intention of buying my decorations or gifts. I'll be making my own thank you very much

I think Tim Burton was on to something with his film A Nightmare Before Christmas. We just need to stop the nonsense and combine the two holidays already.

And before I forget why is Perez Hilton making appearances on Martha's show before I do?

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