Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's the perfect night for Festinade!

Festi what? Well, if you grew up in the swinging 80's perhaps your family had one of these bad boys.

Europeans still know how truly fantastic these puppies are and continue to manufacture and use them today, but us Americans, well we need to get back into the Festinade groove. Sure there's a small group of us who collect and covet them and for good reason!

Yeah, I know, "Aren't these just Raclette sets?" Trust me, they are so much better than Raclette sets.

Imagine if you will a group of people huddled around a set of pans cookin' and drinkin' all night.

Of course my dream Festinade guest list:

Martha Stewart
Amy Sedaris
Laura Kightlinger
Sarah Silverman
Steven Colbert
Tina Fey
and of course myself (there's only 6 pans people, but I'm willing to share!)

I think I should public access television this $&@! and start a YouTube phenomenon!

Sounds cool, right? Well, I'm always on the hunt for my next Festinade or a way to share the fun with someone else.

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