Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A fitting end to a crappy presidency.

If you live in San Francisco and are fortunate enough to be able to vote, you'll get your chance to rename the Oceanside Sewage Plant.

I cast my absentee ballot today and well, you might be able to guess if I voted Yes or No on R.

Here's part of the "pro" argument (I think it might be difficult to find any "cons" out there)

"Just as France presented the Statue of Liberty as its gift to the nation, the citizens of San Francisco may now bestow their own special gift to the country by renaming our award winning waste water treatment plant in honor of outgoing President George W Bush. We think this is a fitting memorial for a truly outstanding Commander-in-Chief. On matters ranging from diplomacy to fiscal and environmental stewardship, no other President has had such a dramatic impact on the country and the Constitution in such a short time. Most presidents wait years or decades to receive their memorial airport or highway. We think President Bush deserves immediate recognition for his eight years of public service."

Want more information check it out here.

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